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Widows and widowers and dating

Whether you seek the help of friends or treat it as a private endeavor, follow what feels right in your heart.

Building friendships with other widows or widowers affords a greater chance you’ll relate to each other, and a shared understanding of what you’ve been through.

Sometimes a good friend will know ‘just the right person’, and bring you together.

This can be no more hit-and-miss than dating sites or meet-up groups and is worth consideration.

In this scenario, you will both be experiencing a similar set of emotions as you get to know one another, which will help ground the relationship in a deeper sense of each other’s feelings.

If you’ve been missing the physical side of romance then you will need to understand this is probably the reason you’ve been thinking about finding a partner.

You must understand that while grief has opened up your heart, your brain will be telling you to hide and play it safe.’ First of all you should explore the options open to you.

This being the case let them know you’ll consider this option when the time is right, but currently, you’re comfortable being single.It’s no surprise that widows contemplating another relationship often suffer immense feelings of guilt, and this is not to be ignored.If you feel guilty about meeting new people, you probably won’t be putting your best foot forward.If someone shares a problem regarding money, it’s probably because they’re after some of yours!As obvious as it may sound, this point cannot be overlooked.

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This is nothing to feel awkward about as long as you don’t mislead any potential dates into thinking you’re looking for something more substantial.