Who is will smith ex wife dating 100 0 dating

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Who is will smith ex wife dating

Whether Brendan is dating someone or is in search of a perfect girlfriend, it’s yet to be revealed.

Brendan Fraser’s is a multitalented actor who has already donated his talent in an acting career for more than His mother was a sales counselor whereas his father was a journalist.

Till the date, after Brendan Fraser’s divorce, there are no any rumors about him dating someone or having a girlfriend.

The famous actor Fraser could have a girlfriend, but he has not opened his mouth yet. His absence on social media platform also adds to his privacy about the love life.

The family seemed to be happy, but the tragedy happened when Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith decided to end their marriage in divorce.In fact, the two ladies straight up CLASHED when Jada first came into the picture.Not too surprising, given that Will was still at the time married to Sheree Fletcher, with whom he shared a 3-year-old son Trey.Looking back, Jada admitted to Sheree that she would’ve “fell back” during the start of her relationship with the star had she known what she knows today about marriage.But it wasn’t stormy skies forever — as Sheree went on to confess, it was Jada’s love for Trey that made her accept this new woman as a part of the family unit!

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Their history made for some to have an open and honest dialogue about the difficulties they faced in trying to become one big happy family.

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