Who is tim armstrong dating

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Who is tim armstrong dating

The rocker will now be known as BRODY DALLE after acrimoniously severing ties with...OZZY OSBOURNE's colourful daughter KELLY is to add her voice to a controversial short film about CHARLES MANSON - as SHARON TATE's puppet. Since they formed in Berkeley, California, in 1991, they've followed their own path to creative expression.While their peers played ripping, melodic punk-pop, Rancid wrote less trendy tunes influenced by the Clash.Also, with his own stripped down cover songs under the name Tim Time bomb.He has been releasing at least a single song each week since 2012.GREEN DAY frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG failed to turn up to the premiere of his movie debut, sci-fi animation LIVE FREAKY! The Los Angeles group befriended Armstrong years ago, and the two...Engaged actress CARMEN ELECTRA has a secret crush on a woman - American rock chick BRODY ARMSTRONG.

At the age of five he met Matt Freeman in the Little League Baseball held in Albany, California.

And when Green Day and the Offspring signed with major labels, Rancid kept things resolutely indie.

Then, out of the blue, the band signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros. And in a move that could be considered even more blasphemous by longtime fans, frontman Tim Armstrong recently hooked up with multiplatinum pop star Pink to co-write nine songs for her upcoming LP, Try This, which comes out November 11.

Is this the last act of hypocrisy from a band that used to have strict DIY standards? It's really just another example of Armstrong doing things no one expects, and doing them his way.

"All I know is that if people are gonna give me sh-- for working with the best woman vocalist in the world right now, then let them give me sh--," he said defiantly.

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He has always been an accomplished songwriter for himself as well as other artists. He has gained his net worth being the Director of Integrated Sales and Marketing at Starware and Disney ABC/ESPN Internet ventures.