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For nine years, Jackson knew the joys of slow-mo running next to Pamela Anderson for a living. In October 2015, news broke that the Baywatch alum had been arrested and subsequently released from jail following a stabbing incident.It seems to have occurred back in August—according to the alleged victim, Jeremy was trying to steal her boyfriend’s car.Jackson told ET that he had just been trying to calm down a would-be attacker with a “common” Jiu-Jitsu hold—and ended up getting hit on the head with a vodka bottle and slammed into a Ferrari, not to mention “verbally attacked.”Jackson’s latest attempt at a comeback came courtesy of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.At the time, the formerly sober actor was practicing “controlled drinking.” It went poorly.It was out of control.” Jackson ended up going to jail for 90 days on a possession charge, and then straight to rehab.“I think it was probably the fifth rehab I had been in,” Jackson added.

The Westlake stabbing victim told police “that he’d been attacked by ‘Hobie.’”Jackson quickly countered, telling TMZ that he was the real victim.

“The real deal was that I got a big head and I thought that I was better than Baywatch, or that I was going to go off and do my own stuff,” he explained.

“I walked off one day with my middle finger up in the air, saying, ‘Screw you, I’m not coming back to this set.’ And I pulled myself off the show.”At 19, Jackson was arrested with a full crystal meth kitchen in his duffel bag.

That’s because the former teen heartthrob is heading to the slammer on the eve of the 2017 Baywatch remake’s big debut.

This May, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron will star in a more self-aware, comedic take on the ’90s classic.

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