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Also that Fergie repeatedly opened the door of their home to find him in bed with various military friends. Did you think that the youngest son was the only one who wasn't 100% straight? As stated above, Fergie walked in on him and a military 'friend in bed, which led to their divorce. He even dated some chick who bearded for George Clooney. I’m starting to believe that some men are mostly gay, yet will partner with a woman for a LTR or marriage, and have children with her. R82, The gossip at the time Prince Andrew was dating Monika J.It was well known, but never reported because Andy was well liked and a genuinely nice guy apparently! They might actually even enjoy hetero sex with certain women. is that she was very accepting of a certain form of 3-ways with Randy Andy's buds.Judi James said the couple resembled a “flirty couple of their first date”.She said: “They might be divorced but Fergie and Andrew’s body language signals as they chat together here suggest a flirty couple on their first date.“Fergie’s face-watching eye contact is flattering and her open-mouthed smile suggests genuine delight and approval as she watches her ex.I feel bad for eugenie & Bea as he will be a pariah.[quote]Is there still an on going investigation now that Epstein is dead? And I guess that was the point of this fake suicide. over Steele and that he wasn't invited to stay overnight at Buckingham Palace. Trump knows he won't be hurt by this because his base believes it's all fake news by the Drive By Deep State Media, and anyway - what if it is true? He's taking care of us and making this country great again. The FBI can request cooperation but he cannot even be questioned by law enforcement officials unless Buckingham Palace allows it AND any alleged incidents would have to have occurred on British or Commonwealth soil.Right, with him dead the investigation is dead in The USA. They know he's a deranged sexual marauder married to a mentally retarded Eastern European slut robot. Should Andrew step foot in America or its territories in the future, the FBI can take him into custody for questioning unless he's travelling with a diplomatic passport, which would be unlikely.However, in recent years, it has appeared her heart belongs with her former husband.On his birthday in February this year, Sarah called Prince Andrew her “best friend” and “the best looking”.

You're over on the brf threads squealing about it being scandalous for Meghan Markle to do xyz but Pedo Andy gets away with consorting with sex trafficked 17 year olds?

She posted a black and white photograph of him on her Instagram account.

She captioned the image: “Happy birthday to the best man, father, friend.... Feb 19..the best looking @hrhthedukeofyork #birthday.”A body language expert said the Duke and Duchess of York looked “flirty” at Ascot as they stood together.

However, in 2016 Sarah denied that the pair had a romantic relationship.“Manuel is a wonderful person, but we are just friends—friends and business partners,” she told the Daily Mail."I'm the ambassador for his new lifestyle app, v Voosh, which is launching this year."Sarah also infamously was pictured with her Texan financial advisor John Bryan in 1992This happened months after Sarah and Prince Andrew announced their separation.

She was pictured in a compromising position with the man as part of the “toe sucking” scandal in 1992.

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If that's it, it's not much.[quote]Of course, the Leftie Luvvies at the BBC encourage hateful gossip against the royal family (even though they are Britain's biggest tourist attraction). No one goes to France since they ditched their Royal family.[QUOTE] Prince Andrew will not only never see the inside of a courtroom let alone a jail, but the Crown will have a not very quiet word in the ears of the Beeb and any other medium that has the temerity to print salacious slander about the Prince. All the UK papers have similar articles.[QUOTE] Whose behaviour is even more appalling that the old generation of Royals. Best friend with a notorious pedophile and sex trafficker.

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