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Updating the site content type failed

Therefore, you have no reliable method for pushing down all the changes made to site content types to the child content types.Sealed content types cannot be updated through the user interface or object model.There are two standard approaches to updating content types.

Do not edit the content type definition file directly.

A cursory Google suggests that there's any number of us who have seen this, and most links tend to lead to a recommendation that the site columns already exist, which sounds sensible, or some CAML-based workarounds that I don't doubt work, but frankly give me The Fear.

However, if we fire up Fiddler and SQL Server Profiler, we can get an idea of what's going on behind the Publish button and get to a, hopefully, simpler resolution.

The production environment has the column created from the powershell script.

We then publish the Info Path form and connect the column from the form to the newly created column.

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The integration between Info Path 2007 and Share Point 2007 comfortably qualifies as South Of Great.

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