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Updating child tables hibernate

Standard SQLException Converter.convert(Standard SQLException Converter.java:49) at org.hibernate.spi.

Sql Exception Helper.convert(Sql Exception Helper.java:124) at org.hibernate.spi.

Abstract Entity Persister.insert(Abstract Entity Persister.java:3521) at org.hibernate.action.internal.

Entity Insert Action.execute(Entity Insert Action.java:88) at org.hibernate.

You need to loop all the ‘stock Daily Records’ and delete it one by one.

In this example, if a ‘Stock’ is deleted, all its referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ should be deleted from database as well.

We need to overload get Current Session() method, to accept Interceptor. audit ID, user Comment to be available to call back methods of interceptor.

This is to redirect inserts to an inherited table - which is postgres's way of partitioning.

There are other ways to do this in the db directly (rules or triggers), but those ware way slower. i feel requirement to have new instamce of interceptor per session is not un common.

) The code session.save(stock Daily Records); is no longer required, when you save the ‘Stock’, it will “cascade” the save operation to it’s referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ and save both into database automatically.

Cascade is a very convenient feature to manage the state of the other side automatically.

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Non Batching To Batch(Non Batching Batch.java:59) at org.hibernate.persister.entity.

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