Too much of a challenge dating

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This is because when we sleep, our brain releases a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone or ADH.This hormone is responsible for slowing down the functions of the kidney and thereby stopping the feeling of urination during the night.Excess drinking if water can lead to hyperhidrosis.It is a condition where you have abnormally excessive sweating.A network of capillaries which are located at the beginning of a nephron in the kidney is called as Glomeruli.

You can have a case of insomnia if you drink excess water especially before you are off to sleep.

When your kidney fails in filtering the excess water, the other cells help in soaking it but if your brain swells up due to excess water it can prove to be dangerous and result in problems like respiratory problems, seizures, coma or sometimes even death.

Another side effect of drinking too much water is stomach irritation.

Excessive urination is a common side effect of drinking excess water.

It is but natural for your body to relieve the extra water in the form of urination.

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This post is a revelation to all those people who think that the more water you drink, the more benefits you can gain out of it.

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