Tim keller on dating who is alex karev dating

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If He says no, in His Word, you can believe his blessing won’t be upon it.

And then here’s something you may want to view on this issue, talked about by Pastor Tim Keller.

Kellers defense, let me say that some allowance has to be made for the venue (New York City, Columbia University, responding to a homosexualist professor with perhaps a majority of people in the audience left of center), the time (only 6 minutes), and the intent of the speaker (Rev.

Keller said is so misleading as to come under the rubric of misinformation.

Keller has made about homosexual practice (heres one that someone forwarded to me: What follows is my own transcript of the ensuing discussion.

I leave out a few irrelevant statements (denoted by dots) but report verbatim nearly the whole.

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Since the beginning of humankind, we have been experiencing the pull towards that, which is “forbidden.” God says, “no” to some things, and just like Eve in the Garden of Eden, we allow ourselves to entertain the question, “Did God actually say…” This is no less true as it pertains to Christians dating non-Christians —the “forbidden fruit.” It can be tempting to go out with someone we are attracted to and think, “this one time won’t hurt.” But then the temptation arises to go out on another occasion, and then another.