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Teen cyber dating stats

It added half of swindles and computer scams were carried out by foreign criminals, making investigations costly and labour intensive.Commissioner Ian Dyson said: “The borderless nature of the internet has given criminals the opportunity to commit crime on a vast scale. But more needs to done if we are to better protect the millions of victims.” Questions about the offences were included for the first time in the latest quarterly crime survey for England and Wales, published by the Office for National Statistics.“All someone had to do was photo-shop someone else’s utility bill and put in my details.I live in dread it is going to happen again.” TOP TIPS: PETE said: “Make absolutely sure you secure your mobile devices and laptops with strong passwords.

But Labour’s Jack Dromey said the figures showed crime was not falling but changing.

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THE true scale of cyber-crime and fraud was revealed yesterday as almost six million offences.

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The shock statistics mean at least one in ten of the population falls victim every year and the crime is double previously reported levels.