Tatyana dating marriage

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HOBBIES AND INTERESTS I like yoga, sewing and dancing, not the best professional in it though, but you would have to say “yes” when I take your hand, hug you and invite you for a slow dance in a romantic place with some pleasant music.

I like to meet friends, go to the cinema from time to time, take a blanket and go to the city park getting ice-cream on the way and chat about everything with my beloved, friends or relatives.

Also, it is important to feel harmony and passion between us, because it helps the couple to improve the relationships every day.

I need someone who will be ready to overcome anything happening to us, not just escaping and keeping silence.

We should be in harmony with each other and stay positive whatever it takes!

I am looking for love which can change two lives for the better)!

I am good-natured, unselfish, generous and attentive to details.

I try to help everyone, because I believe in power of good actions!

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I am a polite, enthusiastic and charming woman with eyes of a predator. I like talking about different things, for example, psychology and inner world.

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