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south of Tamworth and/or Lichfield) on the edge of the "col field".

"Col" is usually derived from "charcoal", charcoal burners presumably being active in the area.

Excavations also uncovered the presence of an Iron Age settlement, dating to around 400 and 100 BC, Near to Langley Mill Farm is Fox Hollies, where archaeological surveys have uncovered flints dating from the New Stone Age.

Amongst the finds in the area were flint cores and a flint scraper, which had been retouched with a knife.

Along each side are intermittent ditches, marked by Roman engineers, and beyond these are hollows where gravel was excavated to make the road surface.

Next to the Iron Age property at Langley Brook, the remains of a timber building and field system were discovered.

Excavations at the road have showed that it was made from compacted gravel, never having a paved surface.

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A major fire in the park in 1926 revealed six more mounds near Streetly Lane, excavations of which uncovered charred and cracked stones within them and pits below the two largest mounds.

The area around Rowton's Well has been the source of many archaeological discoveries such as flint tools, and in the 18th century, worked timbers were discovered near the well, suggesting a possible Iron Age timber trackway built across wet land, similar to others discovered elsewhere in the country.

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