Stiletto2 updating library How to get chatrandom girls only

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Stiletto2 updating library

When talking to the one foreigner, he told me that the outage was in the entire USA. The display said subscription updated but I couldn't tune to any channels (call to subscribe, blah, blah).

I then told him that only one of our receivers was affected. Power cycled, re-sent activation code, called support and they mentioned there was a "signal outage" for some radios. Sent the activation code again this evening and no change. For a rant...I must have Facebook for Sirius to inform me that there is an outage??

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But the funny thing is I do not see anything on the internet about it through google searches. Yes my radio is leagal and yes my bills are paid and current.

My Sirius SCH2P went unauthorized around am (PDT) this morning. I have a stiletto....started this morning....called this afternoon after doing a refresh,,,to no avail,,,,then their rep said she was gonna do one even though I told her I did two...connected me to tech support but line went dead..the recording said just to cycle it...

I tried cycling power and also used the webpage to re-send the activation code but it's still only giving me the preview channel. NOT.they said it wud be up in two hours....was five hers ago I'm joining this crowd also.

They are literally just a few feet from each other.

Mine is pretty much always attached to the boom box and used on job sites (I really needed it today).

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