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has featured plenty of high profile crossover events over the past 10 seasons of its Battle Royale mode. mechs that players have complained about since their addition in Season 10.

Players were able to experience what it was like to be Thanos during the Avengers event, purchase NFL uniforms for their characters, and even participate in a concert featuring the music artist Marshmello. The adjustment shows that Epic listens to fan feedback but still believes in the viability of the mech concept in gameplay…

For example you can see who has the highest solo win rate on PC by choosing Solo, K/D Ratio and PC.

This new weapon seems to be a made for a way to defend against the BRUTE mechs.Keep in mind that it’s much more likely to have higher stats on squad or duo modes than it’s in solo.Good team play eliminates the luck involved, so don’t compare apples to oranges. We also track Fortnite leaderboards to see who has the most wins / kills / etc..By default the players are ranked by their overall wins, but there’s many more ways to sort the stats and see the top players on different metrics.

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