Spencer w kimball quotes on dating

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Spencer w kimball quotes on dating

There is no amount of good intentions or rational interpretation that can solve that problem.These statements from The Miracle of Forgiveness simply must be disavowed.It is better to die in defending one’s virtue than to live having lost it without a struggle.” On a close contextual reading I find this to be a message to the rapist, or the person who initiated and is guilty of sexual sin.

“The hierarchy did not allow Patriarch Smith to return to any church privileges for eleven years.” - Dr. 128 “Homosexuality is an ugly sin, repugnant to those who find no temptation in it, as well as to many past offenders who are seeking a way out of its clutches. it [masturbation] too often leads to grievous sin, even to that sin against nature, homosexuality.His illness continued into the summer, but in July the hierarchy was stunned to learn that Patriarch Joseph F. Publicly they cited ‘ill health' as reason for his resignation and released him at October 1946 conference.“The former patriarch soon moved with his family to Hawaii.By reading in context and assigning Elder Kimball the best intentions, I can explain and rationalize and in so doing show that there is something good in these statements.However, the words are harsh, punishing, misleading, and dangerous.

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Somebody had to do it, and it wouldn't have been well for a General Authority to solve the problem that way.' “I am not recommending that course to you, but I am not omitting it. Packer, “To Young Men Only,” General Conference, Oct. “Grant did not live to see the irony in his only patriarchal appointment. [Smith, Church Patriarch] was incapacitated with a back injury, and the First Presidency asked three stake patriarchs to serve those seeking patriarchal blessings from the Presiding Patriarch.

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