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This video shows Denise interacting with the user, it is estonishing how much she can do and how good she responds to questions and interacts meaningly.

Although she certainly looks human, it’s somewhat nice that she does not pretend to be a real woman: When asked Interestingly Guile 3d is working on other type of assistants, including one that could also be your “girlfriend”: They claim that MSAgent Nicole is the most realistic Virtual Assistant available today.

Denise is also able to use voice and face recognition to interact with the user.

These are skills that are developed in human looking robots and advanced robotics.

This digital girl is available in 2 versions: the Executive Secretary version or the Nude version.

Industry’s most intelligent and robust chatbot, e Gain Virtual Assistant also provides context-aware escalation to agent-assisted channels.The chat bot not only understands the words but also the intent, thanks to a portfolio of AI technologies, including machine learning and reasoning.It acts like a guide, helping customers navigate the website and taking them to the relevant place.Fiction became reality when a pre-recorded holographic-like image of Kate Moss was projected on to the runway at the 2006 Ready-to-Wear fashion show in Paris (Alexander Mc Queen Collection).SIRI – IPHONE APP – VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT Using voice recognition, we also found this virtual personal assisant for your iphone.

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Although I cannot bestow upon you any magical abilities, I can answer some of your questions.

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