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Having been trained to work with people across the lifespan has enabled me to integrate an understanding of the origins, development and resolution of behavior and relationship patterns which are presently holding the client back from important accomplishments or feelings of well-being in their lives, even though these patterns may very well have historically originated out of a functional need.""I provide support as I counsel individuals, family members, and adolescents having difficulties and challenges with family conflicts, individual problems, marriage issues, work difficulties, problems with peers, memories of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.Counseling include life challenge issues such as teenaged pregnancy, anxiety/phobias, and depression.I work with couples of all ages, stages, and compositions, addressing issues including communication, infidelity, loss of passion, infertility, parenting, and many others.With dating and engaged couples, I help discuss ways to strengthen relationships, and decide about solidifying commitment.I see families dealing with communication issues, creating appropriate boundaries, and working through separation, divorce, and blended family issues .""Dr.

As a native-born speaker of Portuguese, I believe I would be uniquely qualified for working with individuals and families with a Portuguese background.""My individual clients include those dealing with mental health diagnoses; making decisions about career or relationships; or pursuing more fulfilling approaches to life.

The variety of options are daunting, and while many, many people have been to or go to a therapist, it is not a topic easily discussed, so it can be hard to find a recommendation.

Many people resort to picking the person whose face looked nice, or went to a school they recognize, or work in a convenient location or accept their insurance.

Often these techniques are sufficient, but when they are not it is a great loss, as it takes so much courage to look for a therapist in the first place.""I offer a caring heart and listening ear along with the highest standards of practice, because I go out of my way to meet stringent education, examination, supervision, experience, and ethical requirements.

I seek to give my clients the best and that is why I am Nationally Certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors and have attained state licenses in Florida and Maryland.

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I have specialized training in traumatic events like sexual assault, grief and chronic illness as well as anger management, conflict resolution, life coaching and problem solving. Life is beautiful and we try to make the best of it, but due to stresses and unexpected factors it becomes difficult to maintain a balance between ourselves and the people surrounding us.

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