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Senior cyber chat

Here are some examples: Scammers also often use social media and dating sites, such as Facebook, to befriend you and claim that they know you.They will often collect information about you by researching your social media pages, hoping to gain your trust by knowing personal details about you.Many of those pages are innocent, yet annoying, advertisements. Scammers use either fearful messaging or congratulatory text to encourage you to click links in the web page.Both tactics appeal to your emotions and encourage you to act quickly. Close the window or tab immediately and never click any links in those pages.Having a backup of your parent’s important files and cherished photos will help provide you and them with peace of mind.

Instead, the person they claim to be is someone totally different.

Let your parent know that they can ask you about how scams work online and how to safely use the internet.

Consider discussing and sharing articles that include concrete examples about how people have been scammed online.

While computers have been around for decades now, they can still be complicated today.

Many computers aren’t set up to act like push-button appliances and instead require that you understand some of their underlying internals in order to keep them secure.

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It’s difficult for anyone to stay current on all of the developments in computing and the internet. There are several online services that will allow you to backup your files for free or for very little cost.

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