Secular dating websites

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Secular dating websites

Essentially, many secular people view dating as an activity used to take from others.

This is comparable to Christmas time, when the only thought within the mind of a child is what to get from Santa Claus.

Christians think of dating with many different opinions.

Some treat it just as commonly as non-believers do, while others give it a wide berth.

The word “dating” often brings out mixed emotions and views.

Secular people think of dating as a commonplace activity, comparable to sports or television in what it brings.

Some of our Messianic Jewish singles attend Messianic congregations or synagogues where Messianic Judaism is the focus.

Whether acknowledged or not, pleasure is always found at the center of secular dating. While the secular assessment of dating centers on self-seeking pleasure, Christian dating should focus on selfless giving.

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Be warned, however: I am writing about dating, and all the things, both good and bad, it encompasses.

Some give it no veneration, while others revere it as if it is a gift from God; which, of course, it is.

Despite the apparent similarities between secular and Christian dating, Christians should remember that dating is a gift from God, and should be treated with all due respect and reverence.

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Dating will not always end in marriage, and, because of this, should be viewed as a pathway to marriage.