Russian dating pocket money scam

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Victoriahearts is the same way I spent a whole bunch of money I spent ,000 to get a girl sent took plus Hotel I'm had one day to look very promising and it was supposed to last week and she disappeared because she had her.And could not call or answer me anymore she disappeared I mean it was so obvious it was a rip-off Apes happened to me time and time again they love me more than my life but when you get there problems arise they're hooked up with a bunch of other websites they all share money that you don't get straight answers when you ask them for it questions and the site perfect match is in on it too that's where I met and the Masters Anna Masters sir lady Anna it's a big joke but they're beautiful I'll give you that Ks.When you're that beautiful you have thousands of men chasing you and offering to spend money on you. I came across Charmerly online dating site It looked legit so I created a Profile and almost immediately started receiving messages from women that liked my profile and wanted to start chatting with me.Don't delude yourself it's a total farce and a criminal site that needs to be shut down. Second I told her to translate something for me on her language. They used google translate and sent me some bull$#*! a couple of days later i received a message from a women that provided her phone number and email address and requested that i text her instead of having to purchase credits it was a US phone number and a gmail address.if you ask the girls their phone number they will never send you or they say the site blocks all numbers.and they want you to send her stickers, she says send me stickers and she Text you!

She sent me a photo of the passport two days after I sent the money the date of the renewal on the passport was the day she sent me the picture so I believed it was legit so than i sent her the money for the visa and the plane ticket then she sent me a picture of both then she said she could not travel with out getting a vaccination for yellow fever and pocket money so like a idiot i sent her more money totaling '500 dollars so I started getting suspicious so through my research I called the airlines and there was no such flight number that was on the plane ticket and calling the US embassy the passport and visa did not exist!The pictures are girls from Ukraine that they get royalty from the site and they are not sitting by their computer and chatting with me. The staff member of the Charmerly have big screen on front of them in the boiler room(chat room), the computer generates messages or staff member types messages and start sending to men after logged in, as soon as you respond, a staff member of the Charmerly get locked in with you and start to chat pretending to be the girl you are interested..Remember the history of chats are displayed on the big screen, so the staff member knows about you!Same letters and same photos from different girls, what an obvious scam!I was wondering if this could actually work with finding a beautiful wife from Eastern Europe?

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Well I was chatting with Charmerfly Ksenia ID7459315 then I found her profile Ksenia ID 4010206 on Dream Singles, .