Russian dating phrases

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When people think of Russia, they commonly think of snow, hockey, vodka, bears…And while the Russian language can be used to trash talk, to intimidate, or to curse, it’s just as frequently used more intimately to comfort, to compliment and to court.

These romantic phrases will help you see the tender side of a tough (stereotypically, anyway) culture.

This phrase (used as a title for one of the Ghetto Dog’s Songs) will communicate to your Russian that no matter how fabled someone else’s love is, the love you have for him or her is every bit as strong. Comparing someone to the sun will get you big brownie points, and mentioning his or her smile will ensure you see it a lot more often.

They could write a fairytale about you, about the lovely princess! If someone brightens your world, let him or her know!

Russian was made for romancing, which you can see in its deep poetic tradition—and the tragic endings and epic love stories that are a part of this culture.

Perhaps most famous is Alexander Pushkin, who penned verses about love found and lost, lived passionately and died dramatically.

You have awoken something long forgotten inside of me Here’s how to let the person you love know that he or she is doing something for you that others haven’t. It sounds a little cheesy in English, but remember, Russians are poetic by nature.

(I do not wish to cause you any pain.)But Pushkin’s not the only Russian with passion.

(As translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky: As long as the crooks of my arms remember you, as long as you’re still on my hands and lips, I’ll be with you.)You can learn more about literature, romance and Russian-language culture in general while learning Russian in context on Fluent U.

Pushkin married the great beauty Natalia Goncharova.

Six years later, he faced rumors of his wife’s alleged love affair.

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