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Posted by / 21-Sep-2019 14:50

At first all seemed well, it downloaded the new firmware image and rebooted the phone into what I believe is known as R&D mode.

After a while though I noticed the progress bar had stopped moving and I became worried. Obviously I wasn’t about to pull the plug out and permanently kill the phone, not without a gun to me head anyway. It must have been 2 hours in the end but finally a message came up on the PC screen telling me the update had failed.

It all worked beautifully and I was very impressed.

The wise and good friends I have there seemed to know a lot more about this and suggested I try to reflash the device and perhaps revive it.

There’s a Linux tool for that I was relieved to discover.

I was lucky enough to be sent an N900 for testing and review purposes by Nokia before Christmas, a lot of you reading this will know that already.

Lately some software updates to Maemo 5 (the N900 operating system) have been rolled out, and of course I wanted the latest greatest versions.

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I’ll also try to offer a little advice about flashing Maemo devices from a Linux desktop, based on my relatively limited but successful experience.

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