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Kris williams dating josh gates

I always think of myself as an open-minded skeptic.

I’ve also served as the host of Ghost Hunters Live and various other TV specials.Stana has three advanced degrees in family and education therapy.Currently, Stana works as a Couples & Family Therapist at South Shore Family Health Collaborative. Gnatovich has a younger brother who goes by the name Steven.Their beautiful wedding invitations were in the form of passports, which read, “Happily invite you to attend the wedding of Hallie & Josh, deep in the woods and under the stars, at Hidden Pond resort.”Soon after their wedding, it was announced that the two were going to have a baby!And the news about Gates and Gnatovich’s child was revealed in an amazing way.

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How convinced were you of the credibility of the paranormal before you went on most of those trips?