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I told her I thought it was really nice that she'd been talking with Mike, since he'd done his time and all. He was the first man to show me what real love was and to remind me that I was worthy to be loved.

I knocked on her window and told her to shut it off. She told me that she had wanted to take care of her car on her own and knew she needed to change her oil.

more about Anna from zaporozhye I am that woman who JUMPS OUT of a CAKE for your supper to satisfy your both physical and emotional hunger!

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When we first met, I was a freshman in college, and she was a junior in college. That was 23 years ago last Sunday, and we've been together since (married for more than 22 years).

We talked for a few hours, but I was dating someone else, as was she (and she was going to a different school, in a different state). Met him in an IRC international chat room in the late 90s. Neither of us were looking, but we enjoyed each other's senses of humor.

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