Is johnny depp still dating amber heard

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Is johnny depp still dating amber heard

Typically the weekend is a time for celebration and unbridled joy, so this one shouldn't be any different, right?Well, sure, unless you're among the numerous members of the "Johnny Depp Shattered My Heart" club.As the former couple moved further along in divorce proceedings, the media began to dig in to the shadowed history of the tumultuous marriage, they found out more and more secrets nobody could have guessed existed.

The texts don’t go into specifics, but supposedly they are between Heard and Stephen Deuters, Johnny Depp’s assistant.

Beginning February 3, 2015, the high-profile marriage was always the subject of tabloid gossip, just like any other A-list relationship.

When Heard showed up to Los Angeles Superior Court on two occasions in late May 2016 with visible bruises on her face, filing first for a divorce and then for a restraining order, it seemed something had gone very wrong.

For those unfortunate individuals, the next couple of days will likely be somber, because Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are officially husband and wife, according to multiple reports: Apparently, the couple exchanged vows at Depp's Hollywood mansion a few days ago then jetted off to his private Caribbean island (insert cheesy pirate joke here) — presumably the one that's home to the beach he named after Heard — for a bigger celebration of their nuptials Now, after hearing that, how could anyone not want them to be together?

Name an island after me and there would be no need to pop the question, because I already would've been all, "Um my bags are already packed." Apparently, however, that wasn't the case for Depp and Heard: According to a trusty "source," Heard may have not exactly wanted to rush into accepting Depp's proposal.

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Reports of physical and emotional abuse began to trickle out to the media.