Is donnie wahlberg dating danielle tanguay moon rocks dating

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He has more than 9.6k followers on Twitter account and he has over 13.1k followers on the Instagram account.My name is Argie Kalamotousakis and I am known as @jonsweethearts on Twitter.Donnie's been in the Sixth Sense, and also has a new movie coming out with De Niro and Pacino this fall called Righteous Kill.Donnie Wahlberg has found him self a girlfriend oh I know I was heart broken to well you can find her on twitter if you wanna ask her any question ..alittle hate mail..I might do that myself.Paul’s parent got divorced in 1982 before he had reached his twenties. Furthermore, there are not many details regarding his family.His father Donald Edward Wahlberg died at the age of 77 years in 2008. His brothers Mark, Donnie, and Robert are well-known actors. Also, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his childhood and early life.Here is a taste of the letters --------------------------------Hey baby Im sorry about all the things being posted about us, Im not even sure if it's safe to use Email right now tell things cool down should not discuss this in here somebody could find it ...

EDIT: The perfect Storm starred MARK Wahlberg, not Donnie.

I am dating Danielle Tanguay, yes we met off Twitter and no we are not getting married, who ever said that is wrong, we only just started dating February 2011.

Now hear a lot of my fans are asking her about us, really don't take this wrong, it's no ones business if we are dating, getting married…

Dating you still dont belive me Belive this then Donnie Wahlberg Has been seen more then once with this Danielle Tanguay There are love letters to her from him he has sent in Email I have now in my hand have and will be sending them to whoever I can.

If your gonna be together then be together don't lie about it.

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