Ichat dating com

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Ichat dating com

I've even made a good friend in Portugal named Paulo who was so excited when i Register launched, he posted an affiliate site."Zach Brock, who helped set up Myi Sight.com, said he used the technology to discuss the war in Iraq, most notably with someone in France."I've chatted with people from all over," he said."Intellectually, you know everyone has a different point of view, but when you really get a chance to talk to them, especially from the comfort of your own home, it really opens your eyes."Danika Cleary, Apple's product manager for the i Sight camera, which is sold as the complement to i Chat AV, said she's heard lots of stories about families using the technology to keep in touch across continents, and co-workers and business people using video conferencing in lieu of traveling to meetings."It's replacing the phone for long-distance phone calls," she said.There are also registries at and at an Apple discussion board.With several hundred members each, the registries tend to list people by region, by interests and by whether they are available to chat by video or just audio (which requires only a microphone and a modem connection). For example, i Chatfinder features little buttons next to members' names showing whether they are currently available online, while is trying to set up video blind dates, swap meets and listings of video bloggers.There are other aspects of video-conferencing decorum just becoming apparent to users."It's such a new technology that we really haven't developed the etiquette to use it," said dotmac.info's Trometer."When ringing a stranger, for example, there's how to start the conversation, or the who-hangs-up-first question.Messages in Mac OS X has two methods of time-stamping messages; an automatically applied timestamp when a new conversation starts or message is received, and a lesser known ability to view the timestamp of any i Message or text message sent with the Mac Messages app.

That may sound a little strange, but here’s how it works in practice: The message timestamp format is viewed as “Date, Time”.

However, the number of registered users is still fairly low and there isn't much action yet on these services.

The i Sighting site also plans a video dating service, and is pre-registering users prior to launch.

It also has a Fire Wire port, which makes it compatible with i Chat AV.

When it is hooked to his Mac, Zeedar can use the camcorder as a webcam for video conferencing.

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"I use it to video conference with colleagues in Europe and Japan, but also on the Apple campus when I'm too lazy to get up from my desk."Cleary said teachers are planning to use the system to set up video pen pals when school returns in the fall.

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