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Heat rising from hot spots zakelijke energie vergelijken apparently lubricates the asthenosphere-the layer on which the plates slide.

There is zakelijke energie some granite in New Hampshire that is two hundred million years old-still too young to be part of the Appalachian orogenic story but too old to be explained in terms of the two passing hot spots that left other granites.

Cape Verde was where Charles Darwin first got off the Beagle with Charles Lyell’ s Principles of Geology in his hand, and quickly developed such admiration for Lyell’s presentation of the science.

Had Lyell told him that the Cape Verde Islands had also been on a voyage-that in a deep geophysical sense they had come from New England-Darwin might have thrown the book overboard.

The Monteregian hills are volcanic, but their potassium-argon age disagrees by twenty million years with the date when, by all other calculations, Montreal was over the hot spot-an exception that probes the tl1eory.

Morgan attributes the inconsistency to “random things you can’t explain” and mentions the possibility of faulty dating.

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