How to propose a girl for dating

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You don't have to put on a gorilla suit or stand on stage at a rock concert to propose to a girl.

A more discreet, sneaky message can be just as romantic. Spell it out with refrigerator magnets or scratch it into her windshield on a frosty morning.

When your knowledge of her as a person shows through, she’d know you’re really – like really – interested in her.

Talk about doing a thorough research on a potential employer before interviewing with them? If there’s any photo which you wouldn’t want her to see (e.g.

Now does that mean you make all your personal info public? If you’re uncomfortable sharing any info, remain silent, but don’t try to paint a false picture.

A guy I’d met had a Facebook date of birth three years later than his real one. Painting a false picture gets you only till the first few face-to-face meetings, no further.

This is a romantic way to propose to a girl because she'll never see it coming and will appreciate the subtle, cute approach.

Take her back to the location of your first date, be it a restaurant, movie theater or bowling alley.

Do your best to recapture the details of your first date, such as the songs you listened to, the clothes you were wearing and the dishes you ate.

those of your ex-girlfriend, or documentation of the effects of excessive amounts of alcohol on you. Disable your friends tagging you in photos if need be.

Remember – this is not about painting a false picture of yours, but about making the efforts to impress her that she expects you to make.

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I cannot emphasize the importance of these rules enough when it comes to striking the right chord with a girl you’ve met on The Social Network. We keep a tab on our friends’ updates but we typically don’t check their “About” and “Liked pages” much. This would help her know her as a person – her tastes, preferences, beliefs and worldview.

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  1. They are so content with living thier moment in thier blissful relationship while their fans and followers are looking forward to the day they finally decide to take a big step in their love life.