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Holly dating magician

Rose is given a doll which comes alive, and is a crucial part of the denouement, and there is a charming and rather funny scene when Rose is sent an enormous dolls' house for Christmas by Princess Jane, whom she met in book two.

A magical mask has been stolen by an evil magician, and if he wears it in Venice, on the first Sunday of the New Year, he will gain enormous power.Take a look at the testimonials page to see what some of the stars have had to say about Paul’s magic.Rose is now a fully fledged magician's apprentice-will her new magic be enough to find the dangerous magician's mask?Needless to say Rose and the other members of the household set off to prevent this.It is a curious household, and Holly Webb has created some interesting characters here.

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A true delight for anyone in attendance and an experience that will not be forgotten.