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Codicils were an efficient way of changing a will before there were computers and printing was a hassle.Today, codicils should be avoided wherever possible.The other way to change your will is by adding what is called a codicil.A codicil is like an amendment or addition to your will.In any case, Studio Line will have to re-render the web gallery pages and transfer a new version to the web server.Click on “Web” on the Main Tool Bar to open the most recently used web gallery.

Members can now choose from a set of standard prefixes when creating or renaming channels.Ways of changing a will The easiest way of changing a will is simply to make a new will. To do this, simply write a statement in the new will that states that you revoke all wills and codicils that you have previously made.This is sufficient to revoke any previous wills, but it is wise to also destroy any of your previous wills in order to avoid confusion or challenges to your new will.Rightclick on a web gallery icon and select “Open Page”.To rename a web gallery, navigate to it in the Navigation pane, ensure that you have clicked on ' Sites' at the bottom of the Navigation pane to be in the correct mode. The name field becomes active and you can type in the new name.

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If two organizations no longer need to work together, Owners and Admins can stop sharing all channels to break their connection.

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