Hanna beth is dating

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Hanna beth is dating

Arguably a social media maven before most people had the foresight to even consider it a career, Hanna influenced a generation of suburban misfits to embrace Gloomy Bear merch and an extreme side part as one of the de-facto Queens of Myspace.

Alongside the likes of Kiki Kannibal and Izzy Hilton, Hanna joined a crew of powerful online icons who helped morph internet culture into the beast it is today — selfies, influencers, et al.

Hanna Beth got this “13” made out of lightning bolts on Friday January 13, 2012 at True Tattoo in Hollywood, CA. Buzz Media originally found her through her My Space account.She has a younger brother named Marlon; her mother is Hayley Mortison.Or maybe it's just because she grew up and got tired of all the peripheral bullshit that seemed to tag along with her desire to just talk about her interests. I never knew how to deal with my feelings growing up, so I would turn to other ways.Either way, her exposure to all the public pressure surrounding intensely personal moments — like her first serious break up with Boys Like Girls' Martin Johnson — proved to be a trigger for much darker things. I would always hurt myself instead of feeling feelings.

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Speaking of the latter, Hanna laid the blueprint for the influencer model we have today when she first signed up for a Myspace account at 15.