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In the example images the serial number is highlighted in blue. For many of Seiko's movements we know the first year they were produced and for most movements they were produced for less than 10 years. Using this additional information we can update our three examples: The remaining four digits of the serial number indicate the production number for the watch.In the example images the reference model number is highlighted in red.The other number you will need is the serial number.LIABILITY IS LIMITED SOLEY TO THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE DEFECTIVE PRODUC T IN HAMMOND’S SOLE DISCRETION, AND IN NO EVENT SHALL INCLUDE DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE OR OTHER INCIDIENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL COSTS, EXPENSES OR DAMAGES INCURRED BY THE PURCHASER, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY DATA OR INFORMAITON WHICH MAY BE LOST OR RENDERED INACCURATE, EVEN IF HAMMOND HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.HAMMOND shall have no obligation to enhance or undate any PRODUCT once manufactured.

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