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However, war s lkely to be benefcal to economc development by buldng new pro-growth nsttutons (Acemoglu et al, 2009).Several recent emprcal papers try to capture war mpacts, ncludng n Japan (Davs and Wensten, 2002) and Vetnam (Mguel and Roland, 2010) and European countres (Organsk and Kugler, 1977, 1980; Ichno and Wnter-Ebmer, 2004) on long term economc development.They show that the revoluton destroyed the nsttutonal underpnnngs of the power of olgarches and eltes opposed to economc change; combned wth the arrval of new economc and ndustral opportuntes n the second half of the 19th century, helpng pave the way for future economc growth.

To better understand the reason behnd the relatonshp between war nvalds and current economc performance across provnces, I use nstruments to estmate the causal effect of the number of war nvalds on subsequent economc development.

To correct for potental bases arsng from reverse causalty, measurement error and unobservable provnce characterstcs, I use an nstrumental varable approach explotng dstance to the 17th parallel demltarzed zone.

I also fnd that the mportance of the war nvalds for contemporary development s a result of ts mpacts on overall provncal economc governance and other dsaggregated economc nsttutons, such as the proactvty of provncal leadershp, the qualty of the legal nsttutons and servces supportng busness development.

The 2 socal and nsttutonal legaces of conflct are arguably the most mportant but least understood of all war mpacts (Blattman and Mguel, 2009).

Recently, Acemoglu et al (2009) examne the mpact of the French Revoluton of 1789 on neghborng countres.

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Ths was over three tmes the amount of bombs dropped throughout the whole of the Second World War and worked out hundreds tons for every man, woman and chld lvng n Vetnam.