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Friend dating com

It was wonderful while it lasted, and it was definitely the best and healthiest relationship I had (because of who he is as a person).

I think relationships should be based on a good friendship.

He understood me and we were incredibly comfortable with each other from the get go.

"It was super effortless as well, and the incredibly strong trust we had between was an amazing foundation upon which we built a relationship.

Maybe understanding each other means you're more likely to look at your best friend in a more-than-friends way.

But is it always a good idea to take your friendship to "the next level"?

Like, we got back from a road trip and he got high with his friends and texted me.

And then refused to call me or meet with me." [via]10."Very good, as it turned out we were very compatible with each other.

We've had our ups and downs, but he's still my rock, still the loving, stable, funny, competent man that I loved hanging out with. My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years after being best friends for a year.

But for what it’s worth, I’d say it was worth the try.

Just sucks that it didn’t work out." [via] 6."Dated for eight years and now married for four, so pretty good I guess?

Once we broke up, we were acquaintances at best." [via]2."We broke up and all our mutual friends stayed friends with him and dropped me.

It was great." [via] 3."We grew up together and were best friends for three years before we dated for another three.

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Not every friendship can make it work, but it is worth the risk.

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