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They believe Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity was paganized after the 960s, during the reign of queen Gudit, who destroyed & burned most of the church's possessions and scriptures.

Evangelical Christians use the alleged "secularized teaching" of the current Orthodox Tewahido church, the alleged inability of most Orthodox followers to live according to the instructions of the Bible and the extra-biblical books used by rural priests, as a proof to their belief in the Orthodox Tewahido teaching is also mainly syncretized.

The P'ent'ay label may be an indication of the apparent prominence of the Pentecostal denomination at some point in the history of Ethiopian Evangelicalism, even though many other branches such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Mennonites also have a similarly wide presence.

Modern Ethiopian Evangelicals are the result of missionary work, the work of the Holy Spirit among Orthodox Church youth later fanned by persecution.P'ent'ay Christians use the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity prior to the 1960s as their own history.As it organized in the 4th century, within the Ethiopian Aksumite Kingdom, the Christian church grew more influential.They believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the one essence of the Trinity (Matthew -20, also Psalms 2:7, Mark 9:7, Luke , Luke ).Like all other Christian churches that accept the Gospels, P'ent'ays also believe in being "born again" (dagem meweled), as it is written numerous times in the Gospel of John, and demonstrated by one's baptism in the Holy Spirit as well as water baptism, speaking in tongues is one of the signs, but not the only sign, of "receiving Christ", which should include a new lifestyle and social behavior.

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In light of their own interpretations, the Ethiopian Pentecostal church claims origins from Philip the Evangelist.

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