Eclipse updating maven dependencies slow

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I have not found the way to prevent Maven from doing updating these indices. I'm sorry I can't help your problem because I haven't experienced it. Try going into your ~/.m2/ directory and completely deleting the repository/ folder.

The workspace hangs for several minutes until the results have been calculated - or until it crashes because the heap has been exhausted, which just now happened as I was writing these comments. Its usefulness depends entirely on whether it helps the user to find some presentation for hist graph that he can interpret.

I'm working on an (admittedly aging) 2009 MBP, for reference.

I downloaded Android Studio and commenced making a dummy project to follow a tutorial.

If you suspect that the result is not correct, close the "Dependency View" view manually (using the X icon on top right corner) then try again. Clicked 'view package dependencies' on one of the packages - blank window Clicked 'view package dependencies' on a project - eclipse hangs for a few minutes (spinning wheel), then becomes unresponsive This is a rather large project, but I cannot wait minutes for this to happen without eclipse Uninstalled.

Please let me know if you still have problems with it. Frustrated This version of the tool has two serious weaknesses that make it impossible to use effectively.

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What I particularly do not understand is why Gradle took 7 minutes to build an empty project, and why Maven gets stuck "updating maven repository indices" and hogs nearly 100% of the processing power and memory of my machine, and never completes. If this were the case, then it would try to download/resolve every dependency; maybe there was just a slow server it was trying to contact, or slow internet speed, or slow file IO... Also on the first build Maven and Gradle need to doewnload all the dependencies.

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