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It stands to reason that the "diamond in the rough" nature of the show is a bit of a farce. When she was asked why she does not pose in a very popular magazine featuring boudoir pictures of punk girls proudly displaying themselves, Danielle had a very simple answer.She said that the magazine showcases little 20 something girls with tiny perfect bodies, and after her two children and with her three and a half decades of life, she did not feel she would be a suitable candidate.She said that after she left her first ever burlesque show that one night in Chicago, she felt as if she could do anything.It did not matter what size she was, it did not matter that she had given birth to two children, all that mattered was that as long as you were comfortable with yourself, you would be able to put on a good show.Kiwi report While the guys are out picking, Danielle holds down the fort at Antique Archaeology, Mike's store and base of operations.She spends her time talking to buyers, packing up shipments and keeping Mike and Frank in line, while they keep her in stitches with their antics and jokes.

He would have someone film him while he went to various people around the midwest to pick their antiques sitting in the basements, garages, and attics.If these allegations are true, it's understandable why they plant items.If they didn't, the show would waste weeks or even months filming episodes that don't feature any valuable items.Danielle is able to be free via Danny, and with that freedom comes her ability to dance burlesque.The two met about 20 years ago while they were both living in the State of Iowa.

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