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GPS satellite navigation receivers also internally generate accurate time information from the satellite signals.

Dedicated GPS timing receivers are accurate to better than 1 microsecond; however, general-purpose or consumer grade GPS may have an offset of up to one second between the internally calculated time, which is much more accurate than 1 second, and the time displayed on the screen.

RDS can send a clock signal with sub-second precision but with an accuracy no greater than 100 ms and with no indication of clock stratum.Time down to the tenth of a second was shown on an LED display.The GC-1000 originally sold for US0 in kit form and US0 preassembled, and was considered impressive at the time. Clocks may have other features such as indoor thermometers and weather station functionality.Broadcast stations in many countries have carriers precisely synchronized to a standard phase and frequency, such as the BBC Radio 4 longwave service on 198 k Hz, and some also transmit sub-audible or even inaudible time-code information, like the Radio France longwave transmitter on 162 k Hz.Attached time signal systems generally use audible tones or phase modulation of the carrier wave.

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One common style of radio-controlled clock uses time signals transmitted by dedicated terrestrial longwave radio transmitters, which emit a time code that can be demodulated and displayed by the radio controlled clock.

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