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Datingvip powered by vbulletin

Flight Gear is a good game, and being a copy of it, PFS is also a decent game. The following paragraphs are about my experience with PFS, as I was tricked into believing the software was worth the money.

I bought PFS and it is just a copy of an old Flight Gear version.

Even some that do NOT come in packs will crash the game before it loads.

The graphics are worse than FG because, so far as I've seen, PFS is based on a previous version of FG.

I would like a straight answer, because it's not right for you to be hustling people (many say you are).(This is another difference between PFS and FG - FG scenery is in files, not files.) The files are almost all over 100MB, which is the maximum limit for essentially all online file converters, after which you have to pay to convert files.The files that are small enough to be converted don't work even after you convert them. They say, "We are referring this to level 2 support, please wait for 2-3 days for a reply" but never answer after that, especially if it is a question based on the similarity between their program and FG).The only difference is the launcher is different and some of the places the program would usually say "Flight Gear," it says "Pro Flight Simulator." However, most of the time it still says "Flight Gear," especially if you get into the more advanced menus of the program.Technically it is legal for them to sell this copy of FG because FG is an open-source program, which means that anyone can get it for free and anyone can download the program's code, redistribute it, etc.

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The " " means that after the 120 aircraft they have, they added miscellaneous garbage that they found on the Flight Gear forum, like this dumb car thing).

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