Dating west coast men

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Dating west coast men

We are all already aware of the fact that there are more women than men on the east coast and more men than women on the west coast.

So naturally, if you want to increase the girl to guy ratio you would want to move to the east coast.

Trulia took multiple factors into account in determining which cities had the most eligible singles including the ratio of single men to single women over the age of 21, the age range of those singles, whether they've been married or not, how often they work each week, and what level of education they have.

Taking only the ratio of single men to single women into account, these are the best and worst cities for a heterosexual woman to find her match.

While I would do anything for love, I wouldn't trade New York for Bakersfield just yet.

The city of sin is actually the fourth best place to find a single man: for every 100 single women, there are 96 single men.

The question is, how often do these men frequent the Strip?

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Here are the challenges or differences you may face dating on the east coast versus the west coast.