Dating someone with schizoid personality internet dating matchmaking site

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Dating someone with schizoid personality

It’s important to note that perception of their behavior and lack of desire for closeness may be perceived as cold and harsh, even if that’s not their intention.If you suspect that someone you know may have the condition, it’s important to seek medical care.They may find that the closeness with other people is generally undesirable, smothering and may avoid relationships with others, even family members.Instead, they may focus largely on developing relationships with animals.Additional follow up assessments with a psychiatrist who works closely with personality disorders may help you gain a diagnosis and a clearer path forward.My current boyfriend was just diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, which did not really surprise either of us.It is pretty simple - you should ask yourself if the relationship as it is at the moment is enough for you and whether you want your partner to change.

As Schizoid Personality Disorder is relatively uncommon, it may be challenging to find someone who is acutely familiar with the condition, its diagnosis, and treatment.Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD) is a condition largely marked by a lack of desire to form interpersonal relationships.Personality disorders like SPD differ from other mental health conditions in that they are thought to be deeply ingrained in the structures of a person’s psyche.Symptoms of the condition often include: John’s family has always thought of him as being different.When he was young he often distanced himself from others and found it difficult to make friends while in school.

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