Dating smart girls sex dating in new albany kansas

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Naturally, some guys are more dominant and protective beings, which tends to play into their ego tremendously.

The belief that smart women have difficulty finding partners is a myth, according to sociologist Christine B. D., in her book “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.” Dating a girl with brains can be intimidating, especially if you think she’s smarter than you are. Find out what she likes to do to relax or things she did as a child.It’s a no-tolerance policy with girls like these, and it’s for their own protection. You can’t really get anything past these girls because they’re always on their game.They can see through any lies and nonsense guys have rolled up their sleeves.Why this would have anything to do with HIS self-esteem is beyond me, but that’s what happens.Many guys just like the feeling of being needed and depended upon.

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They don’t get their worth from guys telling them they’re hot, nor do they need to post fifteen selfies a week to feel good about themselves.

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