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Dating sites tom chaffin

They’re the reason the area was once known as Mushroom Valley, a name given to it by businessman Arthur Chaffin, who conducted extensive explorations after stumbling across it in the Twenties.

Don’t be surprised if it’s another landscape which looks familiar – it was the backdrop for cult sci-fi comedy The beauty of this geothermal geyser is that it constantly sprays water into the air – hence the multicoloured layers of mineral deposits.

But the constant eruptions have another effect – the formation of brightly-coloured algae, which changes colour as it grows and reacts with the mineral deposits.

For this reason, its appearance constantly changes (with the downside being it’s now one of Nevada’s most popular selfie spots).

OK, the moon might not have kangaroos, but that’s beside the point – just ask Roger Federer, who commented on the landscape’s lunar-like qualities during a post-Australian Open visit.

The thousands of limestone structures, some of which are over five metres tall, were formed 25,000 years ago when limestone-rich sand and ancient sea shells were pummelled into a fine powder before being blown inland by coastal winds.

It’s another country which features in various sci-fi films – the Dettifoss waterfall appears in the opening of space exploration flick Geysers and hot springs result from volcanic activity on the surface of the Earth.

Their colours – some are yellow, others are green or blue – are the result of the high concentration of minerals (including calcium and magnesium sulphate) in the surrounding rock.

This geological area contains dozens of hot springs and is extremely picturesque, owing to the boiling turquoise waters against a backdrop of a gorge.

However, swimming is not permitted due to the unpredictable nature of the hot springs, which can suddenly erupt at boiling temperatures.

What began as a man-made well to procure water for irrigation, eventually became a thermal hotspot when geothermally heated water rose through the well’s cracks.

Located in a private island in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, the geyser is not open to public and visitors can see it from the State Route 34 – the road that serves as the viewpoint.

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