Dating site just for shallow people

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Dating site just for shallow people

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I do have one full body photo on my profile, which I felt is a sufficient representation of me, my size and my body type. But I noticed that when I was talking to a fitness model/personal trainer who talked about his fitness regimen non stop, who seemed to be interested, everything came to a screeching halt when he asked me to send a full body photo of myself while I was at a New Year’s Eve party. Keep in mind, I’ve heard this stuff before, but it was refreshing coming from him. I told him I was heading to bed, and sent the last. So I stayed up with the sheets up to my neck and I waited 10, even 20 minutes to get a response. I told myself that I am attractive and beautiful and no one should need that much convincing. Surely he’ll say hello by lunch time east coast time. My cousin tells me I tend to think of the worst possible scenario and that I am not patient. And I may even post the one photo of myself that seems to be at the root of my rejection on the online site to see the reactions and if I’m nuts.