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Dating human skeletal remains

With the skull alone sex should be determined accurately about 90% of the time.With the pelvis alone, thee sex should be determined accurately 95% of the time and with both it is believed that 99% of the time archaeologists can correctly determine the gender.The skeletal remains of several Native Americans were recovered in an eroded state from a creek bank in northeastern New Mexico. Accordingly, we conclude that the remains were interred somewhat earlier than A.

Wear patterns of teeth can be used to make broad inferences.Indicators of also include plant stalks and roots as well as other parts of animals.These samples of plant remains can tell us the type of plant it is and therefore give us an idea of the climate, environment and perhaps local area in which in the individual lived.Determining age at death includes examining both bones (which focus on closure of individual bones) and dentation. We can study the eruption and replacement of milk teeth, the sequence of eruption of the permanent dentation, and finally the degree of wear.This analysation of bones and teeth in particular usually provides us with a relatively accurate idea of the age of an individual.

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A diet with a lot of hard, gritty food for example would wear down the teeth more than one that isn’t.

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