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Dating for herpes

At the time, the virus disgusted me, leaving me feeling dirty, resentful, and shameful. It took me a while to stop the negative self-talk as the lioness within me began to wake and roar. OR Would I rediscover the woman I really am, despite my having herpes. Open communication is the KEY to dating with herpes. Always Disclose Your Status Before You Expose Your Partner You can start the subject by asking your partner if they ever get cold sores or know someone who does.She was deep within me, hidden in the shadows of shame and guilt, but she was there. A vibrant, passionate, caring, adventurous, intelligent, nurturing woman who deserved to love and be loved. (cold sores are caused by the HSV1 herpes virus) This helps to soften the stigma of the conversation.Not only was I fearful of transmitting the virus, but I figured that dating with genital herpes was out of the question.Why would anyone ever consider dating someone with herpes, let alone having sex with herpes?It felt like a thief in the night had stolen my dreams of falling in love and starting a family.

Symptoms of herpes in woman can include anything from redness, itching and tingling to pain and blisters.

The stigma surrounding herpes has made people view it in a negative light.

In fact, ignorant people existing in our society consider people with herpes as “being dirty”.

Get Your Partner Tested Getting your partner tested is important to establish a baseline before you become sexually active.

Your partner might already have herpes and not know it.

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If your answer is a resounding yes, then Herpes Singles is the perfect place for you to get in touch with all those people who are going tough adverse times.