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Such service performed on a Type II will cost 0.This level of service involves disassembly of every part and subassembly, including the entire lower half of the machine.If the Curta is in such poor condition that disassembly is extremely difficult, the charges may be higher.If your Curta has been serviced within the last twenty years, the cleaning costs will possibly be lower.Typically, cleaning a Curta involves complete disassembly of the upper carriage and partial disassembly of the main body.The main body will be disassembled further if something internal is bent, out of adjustment, or broken.Following the disassembly, all components are cleaned using appropriate solvents.

A Curta submitted to Timewise simply for service diagnostics will incurr a charge, plus return shipping.Should this initial inspection disclose damaged or missing components, replacement part costs will be quoted before cleaning is performed.Repair parts will be, whenever possible, NOS (new, old stock) factory original components.The work performed is thorough and of very high quality.Timewise carries an extensive assortment of original Contina factory parts for servicing the Curta.

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In addition, original factory tools and component clamping fixtures are used in accordance with procedures and workmanship standards set forth by Contina AG.

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