Dating challenges for tall women

Posted by / 23-Sep-2019 14:15

Dating challenges for tall women

Having someone to reach the high-up spots comes in handy. Ever seen a Chihuahua attempt to keep up with a mastiff?

And the guys who are shorter than me often just avoid me entirely, because they don't want the socially shameful aspect of it.But it also sucks for airplanes and cars and stuff, so it's a give and take.I think I like it better than I would like being really short, though.""I think beautiful is partially how you carry yourself, but I am just like everyone else: I see girls that I wish I looked like and I think, "Oh wow, she's beautiful," and I'm jealous of her.Dating a tall guy definitely has its perks—you can wear the highest heels you can find, and nothing is out of reach when he's nearby. He's hunched over like Quasimodo; you're doing your best prima ballerina tip-toe attempt..ain't pretty. But dating a dude with inches to spare has its drawbacks, too.

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People stared at me in the street in a good way, and I was treated differently.