Dating an ivory coast woman

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Ethnic and cultural groups defined women's status in different ways on the eve of colonialism, with beliefs about the role of women in society partly the result of specific ethnic background and historical circumstance.

It has been argued that Ivorian cultures largely had a cultural bias against equality between the sexes, embodied in customary law and codified in the colonial period.

Rather, the African experience is said to be characterized by coexistence of parallel positions, overlapping roles, and cross gender cooperation.

This would insure that more women will have an education.Their social roles and opportunities have changed since the time of French colonialism.From independence in 1960, women's status under the law was inferior to that of men, and this continued until the 1990s.Education is free in Ivory Coast, but the parents must provide the school supplies, which might be a challenge if they have more than one child (Our Africa).This might lessen the need for women to go to school.

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Women in bond labor communities, or those in cultures with strong caste systems found themselves doubly discriminated against.

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